Friday, November 4, 2011

Burger Is The New Black (Part 2)

In August, I started to explore the Burgh's burger phenomenon in this post. Not too long ago, I went for round 2 at Burgatory, located in the Waterworks Mall (which is in the City of Pittsburgh, even if Fox Chapel claims it for its own... but whatever).

To be honest, I wanted to hate Burgatory. There's been so much buzz about this place; and because I am sometimes "difficult," I walked in with a poor attitude. However, it didn't take long for the warehouse vibe of patio seating (with heaters), a large centralized bar, and well blended wood/brick/cement textures to readjust my attitude.  Furthermore, the interior happens to be award-winning. And you all know that I love a greatly designed space.

It was lunch, and there was a steady crowd when I arrived with my girlfriends for a "sex in the city" kind of get-together. It was exactly as you would have expected... four females in their early thirties in various stages of their lives connected by a love for each other, a lifetime of memories, and an insatiable appetite for dessert...

"Thou Shall Not Covet Thy Neighbor's Shake"
... which is why we ordered one of their Heavenly Shakes for an appetizer. Since we were sharing, and since two of the gals were pregnant, we had to come to a consensus on one of the non-alcoholic options; and yes, we were more than pleased with our selection: Campfire S'Mores. From the toasted marshmallow on top to the creamy whipped cream layer to the graham cracker pieces swirled throughout to the underlying chocolate-y taste, this certainly made us want s'more. To quote SAA, "It's like having the best of a bonfire in my mouth!"

"Honor Thy Burger and Thy Mother"
JLD went with the Custom Creations* option. To "Start It Up," she picked Hormone Free Beef and a Whole Wheat bun. Next, to "Dress It Up," she went with a BBQ rub, Farmhouse Cheddar cheese, and Chipotle Sour Cream. Lastly, to "Drive It Home," she added Fried Egg, Avocado, and Organic Field Greens. Served with warm Sweet and Russet Potato Chips, this was a tasty meal. I know this because she let me sample it.

"Thou Shall Share Thy Burger Love"
I opted for the Filet Sliders (Beef Tenderloin Sliders with Aged Gruyere, Brandied Peppercorn Sauce, Fire Roasted Red Peppers, Organic Greens and Sweet Onion Straws) on the Fingers section of the menu. I liked them; but next time, I will be going with a Custom Creation. 

And the Burghers...
In addition, we also tried the warm and hearty Tony's Chicken Chili (which reminded me of Rosa's Chicken Chili at Fuel and Fuddle... I wonder if Tony and Rosa were once married and she lost the recipe in their divorce?) and the Sunny-Side Salad. Truthfully, the salad was fantastic, but I could have lived without the mountain of wontons that suffocated the yummy greens, sesame seeds, yellow tomatoes, and roasted red peppers.

If you haven't been to this burger spot yet, check it ahhhht. You won't be disappointed. Burgatory's website has a No Wait system, which will give you a heads up about wait time and alerts you via text message.

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(3 stars, 3/4)

*I do wonder how many Custom Creations are possible (mathematically speaking)? Anyone who had trig class with me in 11th grade knows that I am incapable of creating an equation with which to work this ahhhhht. But with seven categories for customization, and over sixty-five options within those categories, it really seems like the possibilities are endless. Right?