Monday, December 5, 2011

D's Six Pax and Dogz

For a long time, I denied my insatiable desire for a good hot dog (I know, I know... "that's what she said"). Sadly, I had developed into a once-a-year-hot-dog-gal, getting just one every fall at a Friday night football game (white bun with kraut, no condiments) Why? I suppose it was because hot dogs were "mystery meat," and a paradox to my pseudo-healthy eating habits. Simply put, I was getting good at suppressing my hunger for America's most traditional tubular food item (I suppose Twinkies are second on America's list, followed by a log of cookie dough, and Slim Jim's).

Moving to Edgewood in 2010 changed everything and the once-a-year-hot-dog-gal re-emerged as a once-a-month-hot-dog-gal. I could no longer ignore the fact that every now and then, I NEEDED a hot dog and a beer to "hit the spot." Thus, if you happen to be in the Regent Square area (where Edgewood, Swissvale, Wilkinsburg, Frick Park, Park Place, and the actual Regent Square neighborhood meet), I recommend stopping dahn D's Six Pax & Dogz for a quick bite and brew*.

The staff is friendly, the atmosphere is unique and bustling, and the menu is loaded with options. Most importantly, the craft beer selection is unreal. If "Hills is where the toys are" then D's is where the craft beers are. If you need statistical proof, the 80 reviews on Beeradvocate equate to an "A-," which is considered "excellent."

What do I usually get? This might sound random (well, it is) but I usually go with the Scorpion (cheddar jalapeno kielbasa) on a traditional poppyseed bun with coleslaw on top. No condiments necessary. Trust me, it's a wonderful conglomeration of flavors exploding simultaneously. As for beer... I try something new each time.

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*Feel free to invite me. I am nice.