Thursday, March 8, 2012

Murrysville's Pride

Since 1946 and for over three generations, Dick's Diner on Rt. 22 in Murrysville has been "Serving Good Food To Nice People," or at least that's what the place mat said. As soon as I read those words, I knew that I just had to review this roadside gem. But I'm getting ahead of myself...

Do you know how there are all of these places that you've driven past like 800 times over the last decade but never stopped to go in and check ahhhht? Like The Blue Flame on Rt. 51, Al's Pub on Rt. 119, or Drew Menas on Rt. 30? Until recently, Dick's was of those places to me. So when my friend OJP and I were making plans to enjoy a meal together on the far east side of tahn, it was my first suggestion.

Fortunately, OJP obliged my whim and we met up at the height of Sunday brunch. Every seat at the counter was full, and nearly every table in the dining room was filled with what looked like very happy patrons. After waiting in a line briefly for the hostess, we were seated and handed waters and menus before we could blink. I secretly hoped that Kelly, Brooke, and Paige from Dance Moms would be there since they are from Murrysville; and OJP nearly made me choke on my water with her comment that, "I could see Abby Lee Miller loving this place and ordering the Country Breakfast." I was all, "Me too!" in between laughing and pseudo-choking.
Despite the lack of a name plate, I assume that this is Dick.
OJP said that her relatives usually order Murrysville's Pride from the breakfast section of the menu, which sounded great.* Who can resist "two eggs, bacon or sausage, toast and jelly, and small juice of choice" for $5.39?  

However, I was in the mood for pancakes; so I resisted Murrysville's Pride and opted for the Country Breakfast (buttermilk pancakes, two eggs, bacon or sausage, home fries, and toast and jelly)** For just $6.99, I was able to enjoy a delicious meal that really tasted more homecooked than other local diners' food. The kind waitress allowed me to substitute the home fries for hash browns; and I decided on bacon rather than sausage, wheat toast, and over medium eggs. The highlight of the meal was the large portion of bacon, which was thick and cooked exactly how I love it (equally chewy and crispy). The two pancakes were the perfect size and thickness; and when drizzled in warm maple syrup, they melted in my mouth. My eggs were over medium, and my hash browns were just greasy enough (no ketchup needed).

Overall, Dick's sufficiently satisfied my craving for a true diner breakfast (although next time I'm going for grilled cheese and pie, which is rumored to be delectable) and my longing to try ahhhht a place that I'd never go in without a good reason. I'm willing to make a wager that this roadside joint is in actuality, Murrysville's pride. I'm glad I finally made it inside.

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(3 stars, 3/4)

*It must be noted that I barely glanced at the other sections of the menu because I was so totally focused on breakfast. The only exception was a brief pause on a bewildering special called Spanish Swiss Steak. My immediate thoughts included questions like, "What is Spanish Swiss Steak?", "Are Spain and Switzerland allies?", and "Is this a conglomeration or merely a Spanish version of Swiss Steak?" After asking the waitress, she described it as "pieces of beef in a tomato sauce, that isn't spicy, with carrots." I remain bewildered.

**Murrysville is not exactly in the country.