Monday, April 16, 2012

Pop Vs. Soda (Pittsburgh Vs. Philly)

If you didn't know, I spent my glory days (1998-2002) in Oakland as a proud student of the University of Pittsburgh. Many fellow Panthers were from the Philadelphia area (which was great for me because I love talking to people about their version of "home"). But every now and then (and annoyingly enough), plenty of these students remained obnoxiously faithful to their roots by vigorously declaring the proper Philly pronunciation of "water," how our Sheetz was infinitely inferior to their Wawa , how the Pens were infinitely inferior to the Flyers, and how "pop" is the incorrect way to refer to "soda." Like I said, I'm all for pride in one's "home," but not when it's inaccurate.

Thus, in the dual spirit of my upcoming ten year college graduation anniversary, and the current 0-3 Pens/Flyers hockey series, I feel like I need to resolve at least one of these Pittsburgh vs. Philly issues. Check it ahhhht:

Blue areas on the map are regions which use "pop"; yellow areas are regions which use "soda"; and red areas are regions which use the ambiguous term "coke." So yeah. While Pennsylvania is quite divided, it looks like the majority of the United States says "pop!" Boom!