Thursday, April 12, 2012

Winghart's. Go There.

Winghart's Burger and Whiskey Bar has opened another location in Pittsburgh (this time on East Carson Street, with the first location being in Market Square), which is a welcome addition to the Southside's lineup of eclectic establishments. I hadn't planned on reviewing any restaurants on the particular night that I ended up in Winghart's; but it didn't take long for me to realize that my thoughts and ideas must be shared once I was seated at the long bar staring at over thirty draft beers and smelling a subtle, yet irresistible aroma of beef.

Winghart's has a narrow, dimly lit interior with a simple, yet interesting decor with lots of brick, wood and original artwork (some of which is for sale). The menu extends this theme with simple, yet interesting options of burgers, pizzas, salads, and sides. I happened to be with three other companions (PJW, WNJ, & JWR), all of whom ordered different menu items, thus making my experience pretty well-rounded.

The Market Square Burger with a side of coleslaw
Like I said, I couldn't resist the beef, so I opted for the Market Square Burger (bacon, mushrooms, and gruyere cheese, house-made honey mustard dressing, $8.75) and a side of coleslaw ($2.5). No regrets on my end with this selection. I finished every last bite of the burger (medium, little pink, lots of tenderness) and its buttery bun, and was very satisfied with the crunchy, but quite creamy slaw as a side. Next time, I want to get the house-made honey mustard on the side so that I can taste it's wonderfulness in its pure state because I bet it would be delicious on fries.

Sweet Georgia Brown pizza
Ten inches of wood-fired pizza is enough for two people, which was a good choice for PJW and WNJ (they share a lot of things... a house, a cell phone plan, a gym membership, guest blog posts, etc.). They did a nice job of devouring the Sweet Georgia Brown pizza (BBQ chicken, pineapple, red onion, cheddar, $9.75), but luckily I got to snag a taste. Admittedly, I was impressed and a little envious because this conglomeration of flavors was nothing short of a southern explosion in my mouth. The crust was lite, and surprisingly, the red onions were an asset rather than a liability. Clearly could have eaten like 800 more pieces. Okay, not that many, but at least 657.

Salad a la Pittsburgh
JWR was the only one of our group who had eaten at Winghart's before, and he knew exactly what he wanted upon being handed a menu. As pictured above, one can see that the Salad a la Pittsburgh (fries, cucumbers, cheese, tomato, red onion, sliced egg, and peperoncinis, $10.5) with beef (although he could have ordered chicken or a veggie patty) is kind of a big deal. The menu reads, "only in Pittsburgh can you put fries on lettuce and call it a salad," which I agree with, but the fries must be good. These particular fries had a beer-battered flavor to them, and remained crunchy despite the dressing and moisture that comes naturally with a salad; so yes, these fries were good. Also, the beef was tender and juicy, and the serving was proportionate to the size of the salad.

Lastly, I want to mention that while Winghart's does have excellent food, it is in fact, a nice place to grab an adult beverage. Whether it's whiskey or beer (or a vodka w/ soda), it's possible to have some drinks here without eating. But who in this city would want to miss ahhhhht on eating?

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(3 stars, 3/4)