Friday, June 21, 2013


Cure (5336 Butler Street, 15201) is yet another bright spot to line Lawrenceville's charmingly long main drag. JTP and I had been meaning to go to Cure for quite some time, so for our anniversary we booked the kitchen counter seats for an early dinner that was awesomely experiential (in the truest sense of those words).
Cure's dining room from the perspective of the kitchen counter seats
Be advised, when going to this "neighborhood restaurant with a small menu focused on local urban Mediterranean food," it's important to be adventurously omnivorous. It's almost like reading/watching science fiction where one has to suspend their disbelief and just accept the material for its brilliance; at Cure, one will be trying menu items (animal, vegetable, and mineral) that are largely unpronounceable and that aren't offered just anywhere
The menu changes with what is available locally and seasonally, so our suggestion is to go with the protein that you prefer and let the [open] kitchen mavens do the rest. Here is what we ordered with details in the captions:
Salumi ($10, duck speck, salami negro, ciccioli, lardo, ndjua, giardiniera)
Sweet Pea Ravioli Carbonara ($10, Heritage Farm egg, guanciale, Pecorino Romano, mint)
Hanger ($28, prepared medium with Heritage Farm egg and seasonal complementary local fruits and vegetables)
Gluttony, which features pork ($28, boudin noir, boudin blanc, belly, trotter and cheek croquette, and seasonal complementary local fruits and vegetables)
Overall, we were extremely pleased with our meals. We liked the Sweet Pea Ravioli Carbonara best, as the housemade pasta and the blend of ingredients were a nice balance of refreshing and savory. Also, we would like to try the larger Salumi ($30) board with another couple when we return (if anyone would like to go, send us a message).

Lastly, it must be noted that the staff is truly wonderful. Don't worry, they explain everything that is on the plates placed in front of you and they offer excellent wine recommendations.* From the warmly efficient servers to the synchronous kitchen staff to the sweet hostess who called to tell us that JTP had left his card with the bill, Cure runs like the idiom "a well oiled machine"; except that Cure isn't running on oil... it's very clear that it's fueled by a passion for excellence, an attentiveness to detail, and a love for the art and science of food.

4 stars (4/4)

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*I had two separate red wines that were both recommended for my menu choices, but I have no idea what they were. I was more intent to watch what was happening in the kitchen than to jot them down. JTP had a few glasses of Eagle Rare Bourbon Whiskey with sidecars of Straub. Needless to say, we had no complaints with our adult beverages.