Monday, July 29, 2013

Revisiting Rumfish Grille

Editor's Note: I initially visited Rumfish Grille in May soon after it opened and consequently reviewed the experience in the post, Hold Off On Rumfish Grille (For Now). Shortly after that review started to circulate online, a representative contacted me about my experience and offered me a gift certificate. Because I believed that Rumfish is brimming with potential, I was more than happy to oblige; I waited two months, and went back yesterday with my lovely friend CMW, this time for lunch. The following is my review of lunch at Rumfish Grille. 

It's always nice to walk into a restaurant and feel welcome. This was the case on my recent visit to Rumfish Grille. The hostess was lovely and seated us outside with a great view of a water feature and of the future Rumfish Beach. Our waitress was pleasant and efficient with taking orders, bringing our selections, and checking on us throughout the meal.

Since it was a light and airy day, I opted for a light meal, which my lunch date did as well. We both ordered the Seasonal Soup ($6) and the Crab Hoelzel ($12, arugula with orange vinaigrette). I paired mine with a Straub ($3.75 per bottle) that came with a frosted glass, and CMW had a glass of Coastal Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon ($5.50 per glass). 

Currently, the Seasonal Soup is a gazpacho, with a creamy tomato base and an evident infusion of pineapple and garlic. It was chilled nicely and tasted wonderfully perfect for a summer day. The Crab Hoelzel* was served atop a bed of arugula and a light douse of orange vinaigrette. It was truly delicious! The pairing of crab with arugula and citrus is brilliant, and it is a menu item that I would order again as well as recommend to others.

Needless to day, I had a perfect lunch experience, and my date was equally pleased.

Overall, I believe that Rumfish Grille is hitting its stride. Once its Rumfish Beach opens, I believe that the South Hills will have gained a significantly bright spot in a predominantly lackluster dining scene.

(3 stars, 3/4)

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*Crab Meat Hoelzel is a dish with origins in Pittsburgh. Named after John Hoelzel, the dish was created at our own Duquesne Club. Here is an archived piece from the Post-Gazette with the whole scoop: "The origin of Crab Meat Hoelzel."